New HAKUTO-R collaboration model inspired by the HAKUTO-R lunar lander’s journey to the stars

CITIZEN will be releasing a limited-edition model created in collaboration with the HAKUTO-R commercial lunar exploration program implemented by our corporate partner ispace, inc. This new ATTESA model is equipped with the latest technologies from CITIZEN, and the design takes inspiration from the lunar lander’s journey to the stars.

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ispace is a global lunar resource development company. CITIZEN has been a corporate partner of ispace’s HAKUTO-R program since 2019. CITIZEN has provided Super TitanumTM parts for the legs of the project’s lunar lander, the same proprietary technology used for its ATTESA models.

CITIZEN ATTESA Eco-Drive Radio Controlled TM*1HAKUTO-R Collaboration
CITIZEN ATTESA Eco-Drive Radio Controlled HAKUTO-R Collaboration

This new product features a case made of Super TitaniumTM, the same material used for the legs of the lunar lander, treated with Duratect DLC. The striking structural color dial is made of recycled polycarbonate printed with structural color ink developed by FUJIFILM Corporation. The dial reflects and refracts light to create a range of hues from purple to blue, and the beautiful colors are highlighted by silver accents that create a tiny universe filled with glittering stars and nebulae on the dial.

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The watch is powered by light, a form of clean energy, and the unique dial utilizes light to create an array of appealing hues, perfectly complementing the Eco-Drive technology inside. The case back is engraved with the HAKUTO-R logo, making this limited-edition model a truly special timepiece.

Model AT8285-68ZLimited edition of 2,700 pieces worldwide
Model: AT8285-68Z, Limited edition of 2,700 pieces worldwide

On the functional side, the new model is a Radio Controlled Eco-Drive watch equipped with Direct Flight which allows easy adjustment of the time and date in 26 time zones with just a twist of the crown.

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