Video Newsflash – Newer and improved Baselworld is on!

Text: Igor Sertić, Josip Horvat
Video: MCH Group/Baselworld 2019.

The Largest annual meeting of watchmakers and jewelers, the Baselworld, officially opened its doors on Thursday, March 21, and immediately demonstrated that this is still a prestigious venue where some of the most important horological innovations and new watch models are shown. This fair, as we already know, is smaller than in the few past years, so it’s also a little different and improved, which is a good reason why Managing Director of the Fair Michel Loris-Melikoff optimistically announces that this is the first step towards future new, even better Baselworlds. Of Course, the Tilia Sceculum crew is again „in the house”, so more news and videos is coming soon…

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