Tissot Seastar 2000 Professional – Domain of the Deep

Text: Press
Photo: Tissot

The Tissot Seastar 2000 Professional: water-resistant to 600 metres, helium valve, ISO 6425 certification, automatic calibre with longlasting power reserve and ceramic bezel

With its wave-patterned, shaded blue dial and its uncompromising design, it is also a timepiece aimed at enthusiasts of extreme nautical style. The names of Tissot’s timepieces often include an indication of their performance level. And so it is with the Seastar 1000, capable of resisting pressure to a depth of 1,000 feet, or 300 metres. The Seastar 2000 Professional is, in turn, able to cope with depths of up to 2,000 feet, equivalent to 60 ATM or 600 metres.


But this professional dive watch meets all the criteria of the ISO 6425 standard that governs dive watches. This is due in partly due to its dimensions: to its dimensions: at 46 mm in diameter by 16.25 mm thick, it is packing an impressive amount of steel, ensuring an intrinsic robustness. In addition it has a very thick, bulging, domed sapphire glass with a bevelled contour. Anti-magnetic “Innovators by tradition”, Tissot has since the 1930s devoted a great deal of attention to magnetic resistance.

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The Le Locle brand has opted to go much further than the norm by adopting a new regulating balance-spring, housed at the heart of the Powermatic 80 calibre with which many Tissot models are fitted. This hair-fine spring, which never stops pulsing, serves to set the basic rhythm from which the time is calculated. It is made here of a titanium-based alloy, titanium being a metal that is completely impervious to magnetism. Nivachron™, a material invented by Nivarox, which supplies Tissot’s regulating components, is thus immune to harmful magnetic fields of any kind that the Seastar 2000 Professional is likely to encounter.


Anti-breakdown The Powermatic 80 calibre with which the Seastar 2000 is fitted is, moreover, one of the most robust, precise and high-performing movements in existence. This automatic calibre has a power reserve of 80 hours, whereas most mechanical movements make do with 45 hours and hardly ever exceed 60 hours. In addition, the Seastar 2000 Professional has been designed as an everyday watch that provides all the necessary information, including the date. This last is displayed in a metallic aperture at 6 o’clock, in transfer form on a black background. It is in keeping with the rest of the watch, in particular its dial in shades of blue ranging from the darkest deep-sea blue, on a background pattern of waves designed especially for the Seastar 2000 Professional.


Anti-shock The case is of 316L-type steel, the most effective steel alloy for combating corrosion, according to Tissot’s specifications. Its flat surfaces are burnished and its vertical sides are satin-finished, including the shoulder that surrounds the crown and protects it from shocks. Underneath, the case back is of transparent sapphire, extremely rare for this degree of pressure resistance, which usually calls for sturdy metal case backs. On it, Tissot has placed a transfer of a seahorse, symbol of its dive watches. And on top of this ensemble, Tissot has installed the indispensable dive bezel. Anti-error Its ring is made of steel, with a rim marked with deep notches. These are intended for improved grip, even with wet hands or with gloves, so as to ensure precise definition of the diver’s immersion time. The graduated 60-minute insert is made of black ceramic into which Arabic numerals are cut.

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This bezel turns only in an anti-clockwise direction. This means that any accidental adjustment can only shorten the dive time, not lengthen it, which would be dangerous for the diver. Anti-excess pressure The Seastar 2000 Professional has been designed for professional divers, who work at considerable depths and have to remain there in extreme conditions. For this type of use, the case is fitted with a helium valve at 9 o’clock. This device is only for use during saturation diving, below a depth of 100 metres. After dives in this particular kind of environment, helium in the air naturally present in the watch case expands considerably and may cause the case to explode from the inside. The valve enables this gas to escape, thus keeping the Seastar 2000 Professional intact. Anti-ordinary But apart from these functions, some basic necessities, some extreme, the Seastar 2000 Professional has been designed as a civilian watch, aimed at water sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy the sea. It has a strong style, based on a combination of masculine colours, chunky dimensions, a unique dial, the expressiveness of a domed sapphire glass, and an uncompromising design.